We want to see the gift of music intentionally utilized so that individuals, families, and churches will store the words and truths of God in their hearts.

Our ministry goal is to write music, provide resources for the church, and train worship leaders to be skilled musicians and faithful shepherds.

Our Vision

The gathered church is a place consecrated for the worship of God and designed to immerse us in the world of God’s revelation by what we hear, what we see, and what we do in word and sacrament. We want every church to be shaped by the truth of God and reminded of who He is through the words sung, spoken, prayed, and preached. Our worship training will teach you how to saturate every ingredient of the gathering with the gospel so that you shepherd your local congregation faithfully.

Because music is a core part of what the gathered church participates in and is one of the most powerful tools of renewal, we want to provide you with and guide you to, theologically rich and innovative music and resources so that you can lead your people to store up God’s Word in their hearts.

Our vision at New City Collective is to equip local churches to intentionally use God’s gift of music as a means of spiritual renewal.

Message from Our Board

Why we are passionate about bringing these resources to the Church.

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Theologically rich. Innovative.

New City Collective is a group of pastors, worship leaders, and artists across the US aiming to equip the local church with innovative and theologically rich music.