If providing innovative and theology-rich music for the church, and training worship leaders to steward their congregations well through every moment of the gathering is something you care about too, then it’s time to partner with us.

We plan to support and equip worship teams through…

Video Training Subscriptions

Virtual Consulting & Coaching

In-Person Workshops

Partner with us to provide training for local churches so they are equipped to use God’s gift of music as a means of spiritual renewal.

The Impact of Your Donation:

One-Time Cost

  • $1,000 consultation/coaching costs for a month
  • $2,500 complete one video training class
  • $5,000 complete one song from pre-production to release

Monthly or Yearly sponsorships

  • $20 monthly ($240/yr) to sponsor an NCC training subscription for a local church
  • $50 monthly ($600/yr) design for a single project
  • $100 monthly ($1,200/yr) to sponsor an NCC seminar for a local church
  • $300 monthly ($3,600/yr) for website management
  • $1,650 monthly ($20,000/yr) for a part-time employee to assist with project and ministry support

Message from Our Board

Theologically rich. Innovative.

New City Collective is a group of pastors, worship leaders, and artists across the US aiming to equip the local church with innovative and theologically rich music.